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Beef with Onions

14 Jul


Grass-Fed Beef Round Sandwich Steak
1 cup water
Goya Sazon con Azafran

This is a pretty simple meal,  but when I make it – it reminds me of Puerto Rico (it’s probably all the Goya spices!)  I started first by preparing the rice, because it takes at least 20 minutes to cook.  I was cooking rice for two, so I brought a cup of water to a boil with the Goya Sazon con Azafran.  Once the water was boiling, I added 1/2 a cup of Goya Medium Grain Rice.  I then covered the pot with a lid, and lowered the flame to a simmer and set the timer for 20 minutes.  Next I turned to the onions – I chopped them up and started cooking them in a little bit of olive oil. I then tenderized the beef and seasoned it with the Adobo.  I chose the sandwich steak because it was really thin and I knew it would cook quickly.   I cooked the beef in a little bit of olive oil (about 2 minutes per side, like I said, it cooks pretty quickly), and then I added the onions to the pan and let it simmer until the rice was done.

Another fast and delicious meal.






Peanut Butter “Mousse” for Breakfast

8 Jul

Ohhh yes. The impossible is so indeed easily possible. The first time I ever mixed up this little concoction I was instantly hooked. I love the thick and creamy texture of greek yogurt, but am not a fan of the tart taste. Mixing it with berries doesn’t really do it for me, so one day I decided to experiment. I tried doing the low-carb thing in the beginning of the year and this is something that I have still clung onto because it’s really that good. I eat this for breakfast at work…everyday.

This is all it takes:

1. 0% fat greek yogurt
2. 2 packs of Splenda
3. 1 tablespoon of all natural chunky peanut butter (I’m a Smucker’s fan)


Mix it all together vigorously and you’ve got yourself a super high protein breakfast that tastes like thick peanut butter mousse.

My favorite way to start the day 🙂 I think what I love most about this is that it fills me up for a good 4 hours and it tastes very sinister. Not too shabby for 205 calories.

Garlic Chicken Meal

30 Jun

Tonight I wanted to make something quick and delicious for dinner. I’m not always in the mood to cook when I get home from work, but tonight I figured I could whip something together in under 30 minutes. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a “recipe” but here it goes.

The Chicken
I made my garlic chicken with crushed garlic, garlic powder, onion powder, a little salt, garlic and wine seasoning from the Melting Pot, and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. I made sure to tenderize the chicken beforehand, which made it thin and juicy. I then proceeded to fry the chicken in some olive oil for about 15 minutes, flipping it, and covering it every once in a while.

The Rice
So here’s were the “cheat” stuff comes in which makes this a fast meal — the rice is just frozen brown rice from Trader Joe’s. It comes in bags portioned for two servings, all you need to do is cut a hole in the center of the bag and microwave for 3 minutes. It’s a delicious and easy way to make rice. I also added a little bit of butter, onion powder, and soy sauce to the rice after it was cooked to give it an added kick.

The Broccoli
Finally, the broccoli was also frozen from Trader Joe’s. I cooked it in a little water with garlic so it would semi-steam the broccoli.

This is not the most inspired meal, but it is quick and tasty!